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Tournament Format- 6 Game Guarantee: 3 Pool Games into a double elimination bracket.

Draft Rules- Females, Pitchers, Infielders, Outfielders and CATCHERS will be split up and drafted as evenly as possible across entire draft board in a draft format.

Bat List - Personal Bats are allowed. ALL BATS WLL BE COMPRESSION TESTED. Each person is allowed to bring ONE bat to use of their choice (ASA Sanctioned). ONLY ONE bat per person will be tested due to time and marked appropriately. Each bat has to be tested prior to the first game played of the tournament. This results in a passing compression of 1050 PSI or higher (Director discretion on any bat under the USA threshold). Any bat that fails won't be allowed in the tournament for use. If found being used or any bat that hasn't been tested will result in immediate reparation per Buzz Athletics personnel.  Signing up for the Draft results in agreement of these rules and regulations with no exceptions. If a bat is brought to be used and tested it is then allowed to be used by the team throughout the tournament. All bats are use at your own risk and Buzz Athletics is not responsible for broken or defective bats. Buzz Athletics personnel has the right to retest any bat during the tournament at any time for any reason. If a pitcher is hit and unable to continue then the bat will be retested and inspected. This doesn't mean its removed but will be inspected for defects and a final decision will be made per bat per situation by Buzz Athletics personnel. 

Balls - All Men MUST hit 12" .52/300 game balls that are provided. Women will have the option to hit 11" balls.

Home Run Limit - Five (5) Home Runs/Game. All Home Runs over the limit will be considered a Dead Ball Out. Female Home Runs DO COUNT towards total. Hit and Sit, no need to run them out.

Lineup - Each team will be supplied with a 2-Team Scorebook. A lineup must be presented to the opposing team at the beginning of each game. Each team MUST bat all players.  However, only (10) will take the field. 1 Females MUST play a defensive position on the field at all times. If injuries/no shows force a team to play with 11 people instead of 12, there will be no penalty. If injury/no shows force a team to play with 1 female, they will take the field with 9 players as an equalizer (everyone will bat, no outs will be assessed). 

In the event a player is injured during the game and cannot continue, that spot in the lineup will be an automatic out the 1st time that spot returns to an AB, then skipped each AB thereafter. If injured player cannot play the next game, the team must play with only 11. If 2 people are injured, the team must play with 10. If a team drops to less than 10, Tournament Director will assign a "House Sub" (someone who has not played on a team yet) if available. In the event that 2 female players get hurt on a team, the team will take the 1st out and then a "House Sub" female will join the team if available. If not available, that team will need to play with 9 players (drop a man).


No player may sit out from playing a defensive position for 4 consecutive innings (half of the game). Each team will need to monitor this as a whole. It will be the opposing team's responsibility to bring this to the attention of the umpire. The first time this happens it will be a warning. The second time it will be an automatic out for that team. Please be respectful and fair to your teammates that also came to play.


If a player "No Call/No Shows" to a game, the team can elect to have that player immediately removed from the roster and no longer eligible to win any prizes, or participate in any future Family Draft events.


If a player is "running late”, and team agrees to add him/her to the lineup, every time that person comes to bat, and they're not there, that spot will be an out (EACH TIME). If the team starts the game without that person in the lineup, and he/she arrives BEFORE they have batted through the lineup, that player must be added to the end. If the player shows up AFTER they have batted through the lineup, that player is no longer eligible to play in that game, and cannot substitute for another player.


If players must leave the championship rounds due to travel arrangements, the team will not be penalized.

On-Deck - The on-deck batter must be in the on-deck circle. If a male gets walked and the female is not in the on-deck circle, the male will go to first base and the female will have to hit.

Courtesy Runners - 1 player per game will be a designated Flyer and can run unlimited times per inning for any player (not gender specific). The Flyer must be declared at the coin toss.  If the runner is in the batting lineup and his/her spot in the order comes up while he/she is on the base, that spot in the batting order is OUT.  The runner stays on the base occupied. In addition to the flyer, the pitcher has the option to use a courtesy runner at no penalty ( anyone on roster ).


​Run Rules - 20 runs After 3 innings, 15 runs after 4 innings, 10 runs after 5 innings

Time Limit - Pool play games will be played every 60 minutes + finish the inning you are in. Bracket games will be played every 65 minutes + finish the inning you are in. Time starts after coin flip! Hustle in/Hustle Out!

Pitching - 6'-10' height limit, no jukes or faking, all pitchers MUST wear a mask. Helmet mandatory. No Halo rule. If a pitcher is defenseless and hit during a play, call for a dead ball and batter is automatically out. Runners will not advance. 

Co-Ed Rules- Females can play anywhere on the field. If a male is walked and a female is on deck, the male gets 2nd base (MUST TOUCH FIRST BASE) and the female has the option to hit or take 1st base. Females CANNOT be thrown out at 1st base from an outfield position (or an assist from an OF position). All infielders must be in the dirt when the pitch is released.  There will not be a co-ed line in the outfield.  You can play 5 man infield, but all infielders must play from the dirt until the ball is released by the pitcher.

Roster Additions- NO additions will be made to any roster unless tournament director adds them. In the event a player drops before the tournament, the tournament director will fill the empty roster spot with someone who is on the official waiting list. If a player drops during tournament, that team will play less 1 player or have the option to pick up an available player on Friday during pool play only. If a player is injured during the event, the team can choose to add a player that the director has (if available).


Awards/Prizes- If you or your team wins an award/prize, you must be on the current roster to claim. If you no showed at any point, you'll be removed from the roster and forfeit any award/prize.​​

Weather/Acts of God- Tournament director reserves all rights to modify any game to a 1-pitch, or eliminate play-in games in the event of time constraints due to Weather. In the event of bad weather or acts of god that are out of our hands that force a tournament cancellation, no refunds will be given as each player will have received a uniform package and a drawing for the tournament prize package will take place. In addition, if tournament cancellation is announced between the tournament start and just before the finish of play in games, we will host a drawing which will include all players in the tournament and randomly choose names to distribute all prize packages. Once play-in games are completed, tournament director reserves all rights to decide prize distribution in the event of tournament cancellation.


Alcohol Consumption - There are no open containers in the park or the parking lots. There will be patrolling of the area to ensure no open alcohol containers are on the premises. 


Umpires and Balls will be provided. 

We do kindly ask for your help in returning Home Run and Foul Balls back into play. 

Conduct - Any cheating, poor sportsmanship, or general behavior that takes away from the fun of the tournament will be grounds for dismissal or disqualification. This includes any ongoing public or social media disputes on or off the field, derogatory statements made at the family draft towards staff or participants, disqualification from any tournaments including this one or leagues in the last 5 years, any smoking, drinking, or selling of products at the family draft. All decisions will be made by the tournament directors are final. By signing up you agree to these rules and consequences. 


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